Yes, stainless steel is an eco-friendly option due to its durability, recyclability, and reusability. Even 50-year-old stainless steel may be recycled without losing any of its original quality. In fact, 60% of new stainless steel products contain recycled content.
At Kuche7, we use 304 food-grade stainless steel to make modular kitchens, wardrobes, and vanity units. Our products are 100% recyclable and reusable, thus eco-friendly.
All our kitchens are made of 304 food-grade stainless steel, with no use of wood. In addition to that, we partner with numerous brands to deliver the best-in-class accessories and appliances.
Stainless steel as a raw material has many benefits compared to wood. It is a non-porous raw material, so dirt, stains, and water cannot penetrate its surface. That way, stainless steel prevents the growth of bacteria and is easy to clean. It is resistant to damages caused by water, steam, temperature variations, weather, fire, pests, and termites. A stainless steel modular kitchen is low-maintenance and an excellent investment. Our team at Kuche7 design and manufacture modular kitchens, wardrobes, and vanity units using 304 food-grade stainless steel.
Kuche7 modular kitchens are low-maintenance and do not require extensive cleaning or renovation. Kuche7 modular kitchens can be easily wiped clean with warm water and cotton cloths.
We offer our clients a lifetime warranty for all of our products. For more details about our services, contact the Kuche7 team at +91 981 777 6776 or email us at info@kuche7.com.
Yes, it is possible.
The peculiarity of modular kitchens is that they can be disassembled and reassembled seamlessly, unlike traditional kitchens. Every module is made in the factory and would be fitted at the site. The units of a modular kitchen can be carried from one place to another. So, when you shift locations, you can take your Kuche7 modular kitchen with you.
Our team helps install the products by assigning fitters and supervisors to the site. We take inputs on the products after their completion and offer timely advice to our clients for the smooth working of the product.
Our clients get 3 complimentary service visits for one year. We will be interminably available for our customers regardless of concerns or queries. The best part is clients will get a lifetime warranty. As a customer-centric company, we believe in building and maintaining long-lasting relationships with our clients. To get more details, drop us an email at info@kuche7.com.
Click this link on our website 'kuche7.com' to book a visit to any of the Kuche7 showrooms available near you. You can witness the marvel of Kuche7 in person and touch and feel the exemplary designs and finishes.
A Kuche7 expert will visit your home to assess the available space and take measurements accordingly. They propose what works best for you while taking your needs into account. If you are looking for a home visit for expert consultancy, click on the link: kuche7.com.
You can call us at +91 981 777 6776 or drop us an email at info@kuche7.com. You are more than welcome to book a visit to any of your nearest showrooms to witness what we offer.
We are actively expanding our presence across India and would be delighted to collaborate with like-minded businesspeople. Visit the Kuche7 business page to get an idea about Kuche7 business opportunities.
Yes, it is possible.
At Kuche7, we manufacture stainless steel modular wardrobes apart from modular kitchens and vanity units. We customize wardrobes based on our client's specifications and the available space in their homes. We offer wardrobes like;
1. Swing-door wardrobes
2. Sliding wardrobes
3. Walk-in wardrobes
Visit our website for more details.
No, stainless steel is resistant to rusting and corrosion.
Stainless steel is an alloy of iron that contains various elements, including chromium which protects the whole structure from rusting and corrosion. Our modular kitchens are made of 304 stainless steel, which is far higher in chromium content than other grades of stainless steel (17.5–19.5%).
Additionally, stainless steel is easy to clean as water cannot penetrate its surface as a non- porous raw material.
Kuche7 manufactures curved kitchen designs based on our customer’s requirements. Our team accomplished it for the first time in the stainless steel industry using cutting-edge technology and extensive study. You can book this new-age modular kitchen by Kuche7 for your home. Visit your nearest Kuche7 experience centre and speak with one of our designers about the type of kitchen you desire for your house.
As soon as the design is finalized, production begins. This process takes 8-10 weeks. Next, the product is transported to your location, after which the installation is completed in 1-2 weeks.
No, Kuche7 stainless steel modular kitchens are noise-resistant. Our professionals ensure that the entire device is perfectly aligned for noiseless operation. Unwanted clanging noise is removed through a specialized foam sandwiched between a cabinet's stainless steel layers. Likewise, the banging of doors is prevented by a soft-closure mechanism.
Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) is not appropriate for modular kitchens. They are easily vulnerable to damages caused by termites, pests, fire, weather variations, and rust. Kitchen space witnesses the use of water and fire. Employing a raw material readily devoured by any of this is not recommended.
Stainless steel is a durable, waterproof, and rust-proof raw material. It is extremely resistant to damages caused by fire, weather variations, pests, and termites. The Kuche7 team uses 304 stainless steel to make modular kitchens, wardrobes, and vanity units.
If you are looking for a kitchen countertop that is strong, durable, and elegant, then both granite and Quartz are excellent choices. On the other hand, Quartz has surpassed granite as the most popular countertop material among homeowners. Because granite has restrictions, such as a lack of colours and patterns. After all, it is a natural stone cut and processed into slabs. It is also a porous substance that may retain water and stains, allowing bacteria to grow if not properly handled and cleaned.
Quartz is a nonporous raw material. It is a man-made material with 92 to 94% crushed rock mixed with resin which is then processed into slabs. Quartz is also more scratch-resistant when compared to other raw materials used to make kitchen countertops. It may be personalized in various colours and designs, giving homeowners options.
At Kuche7, we collaborate with various brands to provide both quartz and granite countertops.
We collaborate with various brands to provide the best products, including Paradigm surfaces. We offer a variety of colours and patterns for your modular kitchen. Other than that, we also collaborate with Silestone, Bajo Tierra, and Caesarstone.
No, our products are not available on Amazon. Every kitchen produced by Kuche7 is unique. We tailor our products to the needs of our customers to enhance their cooking experience. If you want a Kuche7 experience in your home, come to one of our showrooms and speak with our specialists.
A Kuche7 modular kitchen lasts a lifetime since no organic material like wood is used to manufacture it. We use food-grade 304 stainless steel to make modular kitchens. Stainless steel is resistant to extreme temperature variations, weather changes, fire, and water-related damages. Pests and termites cannot penetrate a strong material like stainless steel. Since it is a nonporous material, water and stains cannot seep through its surface, leaving any room for bacteria accumulation.
There is no fixed cost for a Kuche7 modular kitchen. We offer an array of designs, modules, accessories, and appliances. Depending on chosen modules and accessories, their respective costs can vary.
Please get in touch with our specialists if you are seeking a suitable modular kitchen. They recommend ideas that are appropriate for your needs and budget. However, for your information, a 10-foot-long Linear modular kitchens cost between 6.5 and 7.5 lakhs.
As per corporate policy, we cannot disclose sensitive information about the production of stainless steel cabinet shutters. We use cutting-edge technology and ongoing research to create superior stainless steel constructions.
If you want a stainless steel modular kitchen, wardrobe, or vanity unit, schedule a visit to one of your local Kuche7 stores.
There are several options for kitchen lighting; spotlights, decorative, ambient, dado lights, two- way lights, skirting lights, and in-cabinet lights.
Quartz is the material we suggest for kitchen countertops. It is more scratch-resistant when compared to its counterparts. It can be customized into various colours and designs. Kuche7 collaborates with brands like Silestone, Bajo Tierra, and Caesarstone to provide the best kitchen countertops.
Our headquarters is situated in Fort, Mumbai. However, we have a pan-India presence. If you are looking for a Kuche7 modular kitchen, wardrobe, or vanity unit, book a visit to any of your nearest showrooms by visiting this link.
No, it does not.
Kuche7 cabinets are made with 304 food-grade stainless steel. The pinnacle of stainless steel as a raw material is that it resists oxidation at high temperatures and prevents flames from spreading. Stainless steel cannot be ignited and will keep the flames from spreading. It can withstand temperatures of up to 1400° Celsius.
Unlike wooden cabinets, Kuche7 cabinets do not catch fire.
Apart from modular kitchens, we design and manufacture modular wardrobes and vanity units. Modular wardrobe options include; walk-in, swing-door, and sliding door.
We tailor-make bathroom vanities based on our customer's requirements. Just like modular kitchens and wardrobes, bathroom vanities are constructed using 304-grade stainless steel. The drawers have a soft-closure mechanism and come with extra space to include piping work. Other perks include additional storage and smart lighting options. To know more, visit any of your nearest Kuche7 experience centre and talk to our experts.
Kuche7 modular kitchens are constructed entirely in our factory. After quality checks, the modular kitchen units are transferred to your homes and installed. Our team ensures that the dimensions are perfect to avoid any mishaps.
We offer five years warranty on our cabinet shutters. Before constructing the modular kitchen, our experts sit down with you to understand your requirements to customize kitchen cabinetry. They will suggest an appropriate colour tone that will enhance the appeal of your kitchen and be a long-term investment. You can schedule a home visit, in which they will come to your home to obtain a better idea.
Yes, you can.
At Kuche7, we offer over 20,000 colour options for modular kitchens, wardrobes, and vanity units. You can choose your favourite colour for your kitchen shutter. We also provide consulting services, where our professionals may recommend colour and a kitchen design that will work for you.
Yes. Our team at Kuche7 creates modular kitchens based on your requirements. We advocate built- in appliances for their aesthetic value, additional space, and ease of maintenance. If you prefer free-standing appliances, we will modify kitchen designs accordingly.
Kuche7 manufactures modular kitchens out of 304 food-grade stainless steel. Pests cannot penetrate stainless steel since it is a strong material. Pests are typically drawn to moisture, and stainless steel is both easy to clean and waterproof.
We offer various textures and specialized PU coating on stainless steel shutters to control their glossiness. Our customers choose the design and colours. If you don’t want too much glossiness in your modular kitchen, we will customize it accordingly.
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