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High Performance,
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Hassle-free and Effortless

We consistently research on how human body interacts with the kitchen while cooking. This fervent study has enabled us to design the kitchens that optimize workflow with improved functionality and ergonomics. Every small detail and practical features assure of creating an enhanced experience and making you obsessed with designs, style, cooking and creativity.

Optimized Workflow: Easy Access to Hands

Our kitchen designs ensure that all the equipments required for cooking are within easy reach of your hands. This will help you reduce your stress, efforts, and time of cooking, creating an indulgent experience unlike any other.

Kitchen Zones: Smartly Organized

Considering the frequency of use of time you spend while cooking, splitting your kitchen into zones creates a more practical space. Consumable Zone includes pantry and refrigerator; Non consumable zone has utensils, cutleries, crockeries, etc. Preparation Zone is the main work area having whisks, rolling pin, knives, chopping board, etc., Cooking Zone includes Hobs, Pots, dishes and baking implements, Cleaning Zone features sink and dishwasher with cleaning storage.

Simple Functions: Effortless Motion

Open-and-Close is effortless and smooth, thanks to the world-class hardware. All the cabinets’ doors open and close with a soft push. Quiet, self-closing drawers, a simple lift-up mechanism, and a smart sliding system, create a fascinating sensation and positive functional experience.

Minimal Mess: Clean in a Jiffy

Küche7 modular kitchens are designed to pack away all the elements easily. With planned storage and organized spaces, everything can be quickly cloaked in their respective places, making the kitchen clutter-free. Over and above, the stainless steel kitchens can be wiped and cleaned with no trouble.

Küche7 Value Development & Luxurious Living

Blending contemporary with new-age, Küche7 design supersedes kitchen trends.

Wellness: Food-Friendly & Hygienic

Constructed from Stainless Steel and superior materials, Kuche7 kitchens maintain good health, hygiene, and well-being. The characteristics of Stainless Steel keep termites, fungus, stains, virus and bacteria at the bay. Being non-porous, stainless steel doesn’t absorb moisture, the way other materials like wood do, making your kitchen a safe cooking place.

Elegance: Infinite Finishes, Rounded Edges

Every fine detail can make a kitchen look a lot more sophisticated and chic. The high-end quality finishing & colours with clean lines reflect luxury, elegance and add glamour to your kitchen. The round edges on worktops, doors, and drawers guarantee safety and ease of clean.

Lifetime Value: Highly Durable

Küche7 kitchens are made of stainless steel, meant to last a lifetime. They won’t need replacements as they can withstand high temperatures that also makes them fire resistant. The characteristic of Stainless Steel helps them avoid damage that can be triggered by moisture and dampness. You will never have to worry about changing your kitchen as it will remain as new as on the day it was installed!

Green Kitchens: Driven by Sustainability

Upholding the integrity of our products and minimizing the impact on environment has constantly been a chief focus since our evolution. We use Stainless Steel that is 100% recyclable and its long-term life makes it an ideal environmental performer. We minimize our use of harmful chemicals and other production consumables.

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