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Lifestyle Kitchens with Lifetime Value

Küche7 kitchens epitomize luxury, elegance, and comfort . They exude class and character with smart design, striking a delicate balance between ergonomics, convenience, and exclusivity.

Pioneer’s in India for 304 Grade Stainless steel kitchens

Stainless steel

offers many advantages to the high demanding user, including its high corrosion resistance and durability.

Built to suit you

Choose kitchens from Luxotique 7 lifetime warranty or Cherish 7 ten year warranty.

Made in India

Designed, manufactured and installed by our expert team.

Delivered in 30-45 days

Our in house production facility has a capacity to churn out more than 5000 kitchens in a year.

Chat to an Expert Designer

Why not book a free consultation with one of our designers? you'll be able to chat through for your needs, including layout and design necessities. you'll be able to even see a personalized 3D style of your kitchen and obtain a quick estimate (with no obligation buy of course).

Our Collaboration

We are associated with the leading suppliers of the industry that turns our blueprint to a perceptible masterpiece.

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