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Kitchen storage is one of those things that no matter how much we have of it, it’ll never be enough. Storage is one of the most important aspects of a modern kitchen design and is uncompromisable. A kitchen design would be impractical without a planned kitchen storage. One can’t just cram everything into one shelf and spread their pantry throughout the house.

While storage is necessary, cramming everything into one cabinet for kitchen storage may not be the solution. Stuffing everything into one cabinet will only cause backaches. It's not impossible, but certainly not easy. For most of us, reaching the last shelf of an overhead modular kitchen cabinet is a struggle. For situations like these, we have curated a list of accessories that one can install in their kitchen to make the kitchen more efficient and convenient and to increase their modular kitchen storage.

Following are some kitchen storage accessories one can use to maximize their kitchen space.

1. Turn Motion


What Is A Turn Motion In A Modular Kitchen?

Accessing the back of a kitchen cabinet is a struggle in itself. A turn motion is one of the most brilliant modular kitchen storage accessories for a kitchen if one has trouble reaching the back of a kitchen cabinet. It is a tray that turns 360° in both directions (left and right), so the contents on the turn motion in the cupboard for kitchen storage are easily accessible for use. The point of a turn motion is effortless, reliable operation, and quick assembly.

Advantages Of Turn Motion In A Modular Kitchen

  • Turning the trays allows us to see all the content on them.
  • One does not need to move the front items to reach the items at the back.
  • The content is organized and well-presented.
  • Excellent organization with a clear overview.

2. iMove

i move

What Is iMove In A Modular Kitchen?

For any short person it is not easy to reach the top shelf of the kitchen cabinet. An iMove is a pull-down device that brings the cabinet down rather than requiring the person to reach up. Pull the handle down to open the cabinet to the upper shelf. The need for a step stool or a chair to climb on gets eliminated with an iMove. One pulling the kitchen design cupboard down with the handle, the payload's weight produces that smooth, fluid downward action. One can use both hands when adding or removing things because the pull-down locks at the endpoint instantly open, causing the iMove to stay in place.

Advantages Of An iMove In A Modular Kitchen

  • The iMove is intriguing because its mechanical motion starts with the user's simple, practically effortless action.
  • It significantly enhances a wall unit's ergonomics by making even the upper shelves accessible.
  • The entire iMove and its contents are dragged outward and downward in one fluid motion. The top kitchen storage shelf of the wall unit is now simpler to access than the bottom shelf's contents.

3. Pantry Pull-Out:

pantry pull out

What Is A Pantry Pull-Out In A Modular Kitchen?

Now imagine, with just a simple touch, the pantry pulls out and without any effort. With the help of a smooth sliding mechanism, pantry pull-out units let one reach all the contents of the pantry. The fixed shelf on top holds larger cookware and serving bowls, and the raised edges of these drawer shelves keep kitchen storage containers in position. They can be used in cupboards and cabinets all over the house.

Advantages Of Pantry Pull-Out In A Modular Kitchen

  • Storage Space: Installing pull-out pantry shelves will significantly increase the storage space in the kitchen cabinets.
  • Better Organization: By putting these pull-out pantry shelves, we can simplify and streamline the process of organizing the pantry.
  • Multiple Uses: A pull-out pantry rack can be used for storing pots and pans, organizing seasonings and flavorings, charging electronic devices, and keeping cleaning supplies.
  • Slide-out shelves inevitably increase accessibility throughout the complete pantry cabine

4. Magic Corner

Magic corner

What Is A Magic Corner In A Modular Kitchen?

Kitchen cabinets' joints are almost impossible to access without breaking our back. It is almost impossible for us to utilize them most of the time, so we don't even know what to store in them most of the time. A cleverly designed kitchen design simple corner storage option known as a "magic corner" features a slide-out mechanism that makes it simple to reach items in the unnoticed space under the kitchen counter. They use the empty spaces in the joints of the kitchen design drawers.

Advantages Of The Magic Corner In A Modular Kitchen

  • Storage of Utensils: Cutlery, ceramics, ketchup bottles, pots and pans, and other items can be kept in there, depending on how a person wishes to utilize their modular kitchen.
  • Creating a Secret Emergency Pantry: The magic corner can efficiently serve as a secret emergency pantry in a kitchen storage unit for all critical supplies.
  • A Magic Place for Everything Important: All daily cutlery, pots, cups, and plates can be stacked inside. In addition, spices, sauces, or condiments necessary for regular cooking can be stored in there.

5. Cooking Agent

cooking agent

What is a Cooking Agent In A Modular Kitchen?

Certain shelves make it difficult to utilize them fully. They’re too shallow or too narrow or too deep. A Cooking Agent provides a solution to that issue. A true full-extension pull-out , the Cooking Agent fully extends all the contents out in front of the cabinet (like the one in the picture above). Bottles and jars are held firmly in position by the solid railing and adjustable dividers. Everything can be stored in the Cooking Agent kitchen storage rack, including dishes, bowls, chopping boards, utensils, oils, and sauces—completely safe containers for oils and spices.

Advantages of Cooking Agent In A Modular Kitchen

  • In a tiny kitchen, a Cooking Agent comes in handy.
  • Storage bins and shelves are made of materials that are safe for food and simple to clean. They can also be quickly removed and rearranged.
  • Organize all of necessities.

6. Rolling Shutter Pantry In A Modular Kitchen

rolling shutter

What Is A Rolling Shutter Pantry In A Modular Kitchen?

Of course, there are certain aspects of our kitchen that we like to keep hidden. We don’t like having other people see them. Rolling shutters give a kitchen the luxury of room, privacy (where one can hide all their unsightly kitchen appliances) and a higher return on investment. They're simple to use and give unhindered access to all the cooking necessities in the cabinet of a modular kitchen. Aluminum, PVC, acrylic, and tempered glass are some of the materials that can be used to make rolling blinds.

Advantages Of Rolling Shutter Pantry In A Modular Kitchen

  • They give a kitchen the comfort of extra room.
  • Their versatility guarantees simple operation.
  • While working, they enable easy movement and unrestricted entry to the storage items.
  • The shutters can conceal appliances neatly on a shelf.
  • They maintain order in the kitchen.

7. Pegboard


What Is A Pegboard?

Most of us know what a pegboard is and where it’s used (generally in a study/working room). But a pegboard can be used in a kitchen as well. One would’ve never imagined that an empty wall can be used for storage. A pegboard installed on a wall can increase storage room when a small kitchen has few kitchen storage shelf or drawers.

Advantages Of Pegboard

  • This device has limitless adaptability. The pegs can be added, removed, or rearranged as needed.
  • It is a good idea to have a backup plan in place if it fails.
  • An area that would otherwise go unused can be transformed into storage with the help of a kitchen pegboard.

8. Lazy Susans


What Is A Lazy Susan?

The Lazy Susan, also known as a turntable, is a circular or tray-shaped platform that revolves on a pair of bearings and rests on a table or countertop to facilitate the easy distribution of food. We’ve seen Lazy Susans used for baking multiple times, but they can be used for other purposes in the kitchen as well. All one has to do is spin the tray to access whatever is on it. Typically, Lazy Susans are made of wood or acrylic, but they can also be made of glass, marble, stainless steel, or wire.

Advantages of Lazy Susans

  • Lazy Susan cupboards can be altered in various ways to add more space and kitchen storage.
  • A Lazy Susan cupboard is simple to use after installation. Spinning the lazy Susan is all it takes to reach any item, just like the counterpart used at the dinner table.
  • With a Lazy Susan, it is much easier to distribute food ingredients.

These accessories are incredibly useful in a modular kitchen. Of course, one can select the accessories that make sense for them and would be useful for them. Visit the Kuche7 experience center in your city to get a look and feel of all these accessories for yourself.

You can even get an idea of what a stainless steel modular kitchen looks like at the experience center and view the appliances and accessories for a better idea.

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