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A Kitchen is one of the most frequented spaces in your home. It is where the magic takes place. We try to resonate our emotions in our kitchen. With everyday emerging trends, we are presented with innumerable design inspirations. While trendy modern kitchens make up the aesthetic appeal, Kuche7 makes up for the functionality and kitchen ergonomics.

Weather-proof kitchen

While modular kitchens in India are renowned for functionality, UAE is known for its high regard for meticulous details and aesthetic interior kitchen designs. It is the originator of world trends. It also witnesses an extensive arid climate of dry, hot, and humid during summers & cool, warm and dry conditions through winters. Perhaps a Stainless Steel weather-proof modular kitchen turns out to be the need of the hour to stand firm amidst either climatic fluctuations.

If you're looking for trendy modish kitchen design ideas that serve all of your kitchen requirements, then this article shall come in handy. You shall find a list of new-age modern kitchen trends of 2022 for your UAE home. You can click on any of the given links to directly know about the UAE trends for modular kitchens in 2022.

Dubai Kitchen Design Inspiration

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1. Extended counter with an Island.

Island kitchen

Infrastructure with ample open spaces is one of the prime interior styles seen in the UAE. Islands are integrated into broadly spaced kitchens. You can create a common link between the living and cooking area with island kitchens. It cuts down on your wall cabinets by creating enormous kitchen storage underneath the island.

The trend of modular Island kitchens is here to stay as it is a perfect blend of functionality with a simple kitchen design. The splendidly designed modular kitchen island can be customized in a preferable shape with an extension to the dining counter. Cooking and dining can subsequently co-exist in an island kitchen setting.

2. The Marble Factor.

Marble counter kitchen

Marble is the ultimate measure of aesthetic kitchen design. It has been used since ancient times, is being used today, and shall continue to be used in the kitchen for the coming years.

Due to the richness of the natural texture, natural stone can enrich even the most simple interior. Clubbing marble stone with your kitchen shall instantly create an undeniably rich vibe.

Natural marble can be integrated with flooring and window sills or countertops. An intelligent way to utilize marble as a beautiful canvas is to use it as a backsplash in your modular kitchen. A marvelously designed ivory Italian marble is sure to uplift your Dubai kitchen appeal.

3. Open up the Cabinets.

Open Shelf Kitchen

Traditionally, the entire kitchen storage was enclosed behind the doors of intricately designed kitchen cabinets. There used to be no displays or decor in the kitchen. They were merely seen as a place to cook and nothing else. Over the years, kitchens came to be seen as a place to socialize and bring out the authenticity of home-cooked meals

Today, open shelves are the new-age trend. They allow you to use your crockery, cookbooks, small appliances as a part of your kitchen display and decor. They break the monotony in wall cabinets giving a unique look. Integrate a good mix of open and closed cabinets in your modular kitchen. Consider this trend, but keep an eye out for clutter. Maintain a healthy balance.

4. Outlive the Whites.

Trendy kitchen

White has been the oldest trend in the kitchen. There's definitely something about the calmness of whites. However, it has been around for ages, and therefore, there's nothing new left. It has become one of the most redundant colors of all time. It's high time you discarded the whites in your kitchen.

Modular kitchens of high contrast are widely popular in Dubai. A perfect blend of warm and cool colors can balance out the effects of the hot climate. Adding a pop of color shall react differently in different lights providing a new look from every angle. A splash of bright tones in the kitchen is sure to stay trendy over time.

5. Handleless Cabinets.

Handleless cabinet

The world is changing in the blink of an eye. To keep up with everyday changing trends, it is important to merge technology with aesthetics. The traditional way to access a cabinet or a kitchen drawer was to use handles. However, the new-age trends do not require the use of handles.

Handleless kitchen cabinets are one of the main trends for 2022 for a more pared-back, streamlined design. Push to open mechanisms are widely seen in multiple Dubai kitchens. If you don't want push-open cabinets, recessed handles can be lined with contrasting colors and materials to create interest.

6. The Modernity of Stainless Steel.

Stainless Steel kitchen

Our ancestors have been using wooden and its by-products for their kitchen needs. However, wooden kitchens fail to solve the major problems of an Emirate kitchen. Wood is a porous material and easily gets affected by water and fires, which in turn makes your kitchen stale for everyday usage. It cannot stand firm against different weather conditions, is extremely hard to maintain and sanitize, and relatively gets infested by various insects making your kitchen unhygienic.

The ultimate modular kitchen design trend for UAE kitchen that shall never ever go out of trend is changing your core material to Stainless Steel for your modular kitchen. Excessive use, harsh weather, humidity, and other factors have no bearing on Stainless Steel's strength, durability, or environmental friendliness. It can be formed and reformed without losing its core characteristics, allowing you to change your kitchens as per changing trends.

Dubai Kitchen Design Inspiration

Here, we have listed a few splendid trends which you can definitely integrate into your lavish Dubai home. Sit back and relish the futuristic design inspiration for your modern modular kitchens.

1. A Hexagonal Beauty

Hexagonal kitchen

A perfectly hexagonal kitchen enriched with a monochromatic touch will bring out the powerful blend of geometry in your Dubai kitchen. Top it with the royal shade of grey hues for your modular kitchen.

Hexagonal kitchen

2. The Monochromatic Enchantment

Monochromatic kitchen

Experience a minimally organized modernity of a monochromatic modular kitchen. A futuristic kitchen design shall instantly elevate the aesthetic appeal of your Dubai space.

Monochromatic kitchen

3. Curving Reality

Curve kitchen

Straight are lines; Art is always curved.
An innovative design never ages. Hence, a combination of wonderfully white cabinets topped with a uniquely designed curve in stainless steel modular kitchen is sure to grab the attention of every onlooker in your marvelous Dubai home.

Curve kitchen

4. Sleekness of Counter

Sleek island kitchen

Behold the futuristic sleekness of Kuche7 innovations. The contemporary style of our centrally placed island perfectly complements your ultra-modern Dubai lifestyle.

Sleek island kitchen

5. Glass it up

Glass cabinet kitchen

Your glossy glass cabinet shall determine the vibe of your kitchen. Showcase the most tranquil beauty of minimalism in your Dubai home with a Kuche7 modular kitchen with glass shelves.⁣

Glass cabinet kitchen

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